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What is Ego State Therapy


Our personality is made up of lots of ego states, sometimes called parts. You know the feeling when one part of you wants to do nothing and another part of you knows you should be doing some work. We know that one part is afraid and another part thinks that it is stupid to be afraid.

With Ego State Therapy it is possible to locate the specific state that has the problem, allow it to release any negative emotion and bring it the comfort it has always sought. With this process it is easy to get relief from  a wide range of physical as well as emotional problems.

We are multifaceted human beings. We know well the states we use every day - those successful parts who help us run our daily life but there are other ego states that we don't like the way they behave or the feelings they produce.

We may like and appreciate hardworking, determined, conscientious parts but not when they stop us from relaxing or having fun. Some states we see rarely, some we know well.

Fears, and the past, can hold us captive at some level whether that is at a conscious level or not.

The purpose of therapy is to help you achieve peace, through empowerment over fear, relief of symptoms thereby creating balance - peace and harmony on the inside.


Benefits 1

Increased satisfaction
Increased ability to focus
Stop procrastination
Clarity of intention
Know where to put your attention

Benefits 2

Address scarcity issues
Calm on the inside

Manage internal conflict

Respond appropriately

Produce the results you want

Create a powerful future

Set and achieve goals

Create harmony in your relationship

Communicate easily

Be in control

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Breakdown those mental blocks that have stopped you from achieving your desired goals.

Julie Madden